The future is not bright for ‘Missing e’


Moments ago, I participated in surprise conference call with Tumblr staff members. They have indicated to me that they continue to take issue with Missing e even with the removal of usage of the Tumblr API.

They interpret the Tumblr API License Agreement in such a way as it continues to apply to Missing e. I disagree with their interpretation of this agreement as the preface clearly states:

By building applications that interact with Tumblr’s products and services (the “Tumblr Services”) or using the Tumblr API, including but not limited to requesting authentication credentials or making calls to the Tumblr API, Licensee unconditionally consents and agrees to be bound by and a party to this Agreement.

Missing e only affects how your browser displays Tumblr content once it has already been loaded. It does not, itself, interact with Tumblr Services or the API, only providing a way for you to do so yourself. They informed me that they consulted their legal counsel, who feels comfortable interpreting the license agreement in the way that they have stated. I have requested information on those grounds, but do not believe much will come of it. I believe that Tumblr has no desire to clarify their position. That’s their prerogative, I’m sure.

Whether or not I have grounds to justly disagree with them on this, the fact remains that under the Tumblr Terms of Service, they are well within their rights to delete my Tumblr blogs as a punitive action should I continue to distribute the extension. They have informed me that this is the course of action they will take should I not acquiesce to their demands.

I attempted to discuss options through which we could work together on making Missing e something they would accept, but after initial positive statements, they seemed fairly averse to the idea. Their intent is for me to stop distribution of Missing e in any form.

Their concerns range from a perception of an increased support load due to “issues” with Missing e features to a desire to dictate how the Tumblr interface is presented to all users. Even after my commitment to them that I would not permit any feature that removes their content or modifies it in any way that would prevent promotional content from being visible to users, they still would not change their position in any way.

I have requested that the request be given in writing so as to (hopefully) clarify the position and their reasons for choosing the option of deleting my blogs as a solution to their “Missing e problem”. Whether or not any satisfaction or understanding for any Missing e user will be gained from this remains to be seen.

In the meantime, within a respectable amount of time after the official request from Tumblr arrives, Missing e will be shuttered once more. Either that, or I am forced out of this community.

Excuse me, tumblr, but

yeah no, seriously, what the fuck?

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